Aktuelle Termine

    • Tribologie-Fachtagung der GfT:
      25.-27. September 2017, Göttingen
      24.-26. September 2018, Göttingen
    • 1st Young Tribological Researcher Symposium:
      Im Rahmen des Arbeitskreises „Junge Tribologen“ findet am 16./17. Mai 2017 das „1st Young Tribological Researcher Symposium“ in Hannover statt. Genaue Informationen finden Sie hier.
      The „Young Tribologists“ association would like to give you the opportunity to discuss your research with other professionals at the „1st Young Tribological Researcher Symposium“ that takes place on May the 16/17th 2017at Hannover.Please find here the details.

Externe Termine 2017: